Launching Astra's Affiliate Program 🤑🤝

New Feature 4 days ago Ananda, Team Astra

Hey everyone, I am super glad to announce that Astra's Affiliate Program is live 🎉 Now, spread security and earn forever 💰 More details here.

Dashboard Navigation Became Easy 🖥

Improvement 1 week ago Ananda, Team Astra

Now you can navigate within Astra dashboard easily with our updated dashboard walkthrough. Click on Ujwal's picture on bottom left to give it a try 😊

Get Combined Overview For Your Multiple Websites 📃

Firewall Feature 1 week ago Ananda, Team Astra

Managing multiple websites can be tough let alone their security reports 📃 With this new feature, get combined report for all your websites in your 'Overview' section. Learn more about it here.

Wuhoo! Astra Integrates With Slack Now ✌️

New Feature 1 week ago Ananda, Team Astra

We're super excited to announce that Astra now integrates with Slack 😊 Bring security to where your team is with Astra's slack integration. Follow this guide to integrate Astra with Slack. 

Add More Licenses To Your Current Dashboard with "+" Icon

New Feature 1 week ago Ananda, Team Astra

Need to secure 🔒 more websites? Add/shop more licenses directly from your dashboard with this new feature 😊 Follow this guide to add more licenses to your dashboard.